Cover for “Achievement Cult”

Written, produced, performed & mixed by Ildar Karymov

Artwork by Ildar Karymov

Inspiration and endless support by all my friends

Klusterfun, the latest musical venture of Ildar Karymov, marks a bold reentry into the music scene after a hiatus that spanned several years. Previously known for his work under the moniker 02FC and as the driving force behind PLUTON Records, Ildar has embarked on this new journey solo, starting from the ground up with a fresh vision and sound.

Klusterfun is a sonic exploration that bridges the gap between the warmth of analog synths and the relentless energy of modern dance music. Each track is a testament to Ildar’s dedication to his craft, blending intricate soundscapes with pulsating rhythms to create music that resonates on a visceral level.

This project is not just a return to music for Ildar but a reinvention. Drawing upon years of experience in the industry, Klusterfun is about pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. With a deep appreciation for the textures and timbres of classic synthesizers, combined with a forward-thinking approach to production, Klusterfun’s music is both nostalgic and fiercely contemporary.

As Klusterfun, Ildar invites listeners on a journey through sound, where emotion and technology intertwine to create an immersive experience. This is music for the mind, the body, and the soul — a celebration of the past, present, and future of electronic music.